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So, What is PINZA?

Not a pizza, not a flatbread, PINZA is in a class all of its own. Pinza is the modern foodie’s answer to a wholesome – and ridiculously delicious – hand-kneaded crust.

Nourishing, wholesome and completely irresistible, Pinza is on a mission to introduce our uniquely healthful menu to our community of thinkers, do-ers and lovers of life.


About Pinza!

Our Story

December in 2015 as a home-grown concept, we spent countless hours kneading, baking, and taste testing flour blends in Rome before landing on our signature 30 hour-fermented base. We scour Italy for the best cured meats such as our bresaola and beef pepperoni, our Italian tomatoes, and all of our cheeses. Our vegetables are sourced locally when possible, ensuring that we select only the freshest GMO-free veggies and herbs for our toppings. Now you can join us for a Pinza, cooked to order in our lively Business Bay kitchen and delivered straight to your doorstep.


Less Calories for
Your Dough

Simply put, Pinza’s dough is lighter, crispier, tastier and better for you. How? We use an 80% water per kilo ratio, compared to the standard 30-60%, then ferment our dough for a full 24-30 hours before baking. This results in a base that is lower in calories, with just the right amount of crunch in the crust, and a light and fluffy center. We use only a small amount of yeast and minimal gluten in our special dough recipe, so you can wave goodbye to feeling bloated.



Powered by Flour

We use a unique blend of four different types of GMO Free and no chemical additives flours to make sure your Pinza is perfectly balanced for maximum enjoyment.

Four flours for one perfect Pinza:

  • Naturally dried sourdough honours Italian traditions and minimizes the use of yeast.
  • Our soy flour and special fiber mix adds loads of flavor minus the extra calories, and avoid the need for animal fats for a naturally vegan base.
  • Rice flour leaves your Pinza a beautiful golden color, with lots of crunch.
  • Soft whole wheat flour is traditionally used to make pizza. At Pinza, we use only the highest quality.


Our unique base

Crisp and crunchy around the edges, light and bubbly in the middle, Pinza’s bases are the perfect thickness. And if you’re sharing your Pinza with mates, our signature hand-tossed oval shape is designed to be enjoyed between friends.



Wholesome and Awesome

Thanks to our health-conscious recipes, Pinza is the perfect fuel for London’s non- stop lifestyle. Choose your organic toppings from one of Pinza’s in-house specialities, or customize with your favourites to create a new go-to. The result? A fresh and wholesome Pinza, just the way you like it.


Take Out Or
We'll Deliver To You!

Pinza’s London location houses the central kitchen for our speedy deliveries, ensuring your Pinza is piping hot when it arrives at your door. 


Our Vision

What do we want? To share Pinza with our community and to take our place as one of the GCC’s best-known and loved brands by offering healthy, wholesome and unique products in a space that reflects our positive and uplifting values.

Our Mission

We at Pinza are dedicated to becoming your number one choice, known for the freshest, tastiest and heathiest dough. Pinza aims to send good vibes and deeds back into our community, remaining a champion for quality, for value, and for universal kindness in our thoughts and actions.


Contact Us

Contact us on [email protected]